self service buffet a-b-c-d-e..........$ 11.95 per person + tax
self service buffet a-c-d-e..........$ 10.95 per person + tax
self service buffet a-b-c-e..........$ 9.95 per person + tax
self service buffet a-c-e..........$ 8.95 per person + tax
*includes chafing dishes with sternos. water pans, serving utensils & paper goods.

a. choice of 1

penne broccoli
baked ziti
penne vodka
pasta primavera ( pink sauce)
penne alfredo
macaroni & cheese
penne garlic pomodoro
rice pilaf

b. choice of 1

roast beef with gravy
chicken francaise-milanese
kielbasa & sauerkraut
chicken marsala
baked ham
chicken parmigiana

c. choice of 1

garden salad
potato salad
cole slaw
macaroni salad

d. choice of 2

sausage , peppers & onions
broccoli with garlic & oil
jumbo swedish meatballs
hot mixed vegetables
meatballs with sauce
italian meat & cheese platter

e. choice of 1

french bread
hard rolls
italian long rolls
italian round rolls
rye bread
semolina rolls
an 18% service charge will be added for delivery and setup
all prices subject to nj sales tax